​   Sometimes we are so afraid of something, that the mere mention of the word gives us the willies…snakes, spiders. Those are unmentionable “S” words. Sammy is a sad spider because all the children at school are afraid of him.
When one special student takes his side, there is hope for a change.

The S Word
        by Linda L. Rigsbee
Copyright 1997, Linda L. Rigsbee
No part of this book may be used or reproduced, by any means, 
without written permission from the author.
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Book Description:

“The S Word” tells a story from the perspective of an unhappy spider. He lives in a science classroom at school all summer. When the children come back to school, they bully him because they are afraid of him. Sammy only wants to hang out with the students, but they don’t understand – all except one special student. Can that student change the attitude of the others and make Sammy the sad spider a happy one?

Editor's Review:

Written and illustrated by Linda L. Rigsbee, “The S Word” strikes a chord in many of us. We each have our own phobias, whether they are justified or not. Rigsbee tells this story from the perspective of a spider. There are lots of S words in her book, but they aren’t all spiders – or scary, for that matter.
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